Flash back to the year 1979 when an impressionable High School art student first meets the disguised John Lennon.


This true untold historical story chronicles how the “Fab Four” all dressed in disguises at a failed Beatles reunion concert in Washington Square Park during a marijuana j-day protest parade in Greenwich Village.


Then how after being introduced to The Beatles, the author was honored in becoming the very last fifth Beatle and even performing with them.


A fateful meeting, which eventually led the author to being let into John Lennon’s secretive inner circle while becoming like a son to him. Then the reader will follow along as the author begins hanging out in the lower east side with John Lennon and his hired merry band of counter culture protesters… the Yippies for the next eighteen months.


Dr. Winston O’Boogie® is a coming of age story written in a narrative style, told thru the eyes of a fifteen-year old boy, looking back with the maturity of a forty-seven year old adult about what really happened to the most famous man in the world of the twentieth century... John Lennon leader of the most successful music group of all time The Beatles.


Meet author Danny Carlson, who for the last six years has been penning an unauthorized tell tale book about the final year and a half leading to John Lennon’s tragic planned assassination entitled Dr. Winston O'Boogie®.


This first hand soul searching 740-page  book, included with a companion multi-media CD complete with hundreds of newly released and previous declassified FBI files, takes the reader behind the scenes of John Lennon's outrageously secret radical lifestyle. The reader will be totally gripped by introducing John Lennon’s famous friends, employees, relatives and counter culture radicals that has remained untold until now.


Discover how the author strangely never really knew or fully believed that Winston was really in fact John Lennon because of different convincing disguises that he would wear posing as a music executive activist named “Dr. Winston O’Boogie®. Or how the author eventually became hypnotized and programmed by John Lennon’s own personal hypnotherapist out of paranoia by a far-fetched belief that he was sent by the police to spy on him to eventually have him deported and how the programming lasted for years, blocking the author’s memory.


Then the reader will follow along as the young author becomes John Lennon’s personal muse through his youthful inspiration about his love for Beatles music. Than unknowingly collaborates on several of Lennon’s last best songs that appeared the artists last albums, Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey.


Then sadly the final events that led to John Lennon’s death. Discover for the first time the true motives, who financed it and what criminal organization carried it out.


Including how the World was led to believe and still does to this day that a deranged fan killed this wonderful man. But who was really a patsy, from a team of hired professional assassins, that orchestrated and carried out John Lennon’s coordinated assassination.